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Consumption is a way of life for most people in our country.  This consumption can lead to an endless cycle of debt, which can put a significant strain on families leading to both financial and family health issues. As a non profit consumer credit counseling service Genesis provides debt consolidation programs, student loan consolidation and so much more!

Our Social Impact

From children living in poverty, to young adults overburdened with student loan debt, to single parent households and seniors struggling to make ends meet, financial literacy and education has the unique ability to positively affect a wide range of social economic conditions. 

non Profit Credit counseling Agency

Our Programs

Our community outreach consist of workshops delivered in classroom settings using curriculum designed to establish a budget, prevent potential credit problems, correct poor credit behavior, and instill better habits during life transactions.

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Through your generosity we are able to assist families in need and struggling in our community to make ends meet. Donations provide valuable financial counseling to stop poverty, homelessness and personal financial collapse.  ​

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