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Brown Bag Savings Calculator
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Average cost of eating lunch out per workday ($):
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Interest rate you could earn if you invest the savings (%):
Total brown bag savings:
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Year Interest

So, how much do you think you could save by bringing your lunch to work versus eating out? You will be amazed at the impact such a little thing can have on your monthly budget. The biggest issue that many Americans face today is household cash flow. Like a business, when your payables exceed your receivables, the owners don't make a profit and have to make cuts. As a household, you want to maximize every dollar so you have more money available to actually do the things that are important for you and your family. Whether it is a family vacation, or a plasma TV, it is much better to have the cash on hand to pay for it today, than to increase your debt and spend years struggling to pay it back.

Brown Bag Savings Calculator