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Financial Literacy for Senior Citizens: Protection from Victimization

According to the National Coalition of Family and Consumer Sciences, approximately 5 million seniors succumb to financial abuse each year.  People 60 and older make up 15 percent of the population but account for 30 percent of fraud victims per Consumer Action.

Gender and financial literacy: A conversation with Annamaria Lusardi of Dartmouth College

Dr. Anna Maria Lusardi found women tend to be less financially knowledgeable than men "at a time when they often have to fend for themselves".  High divorce rates, single motherhood, and greater longevity of women calls for more savings and financial know how.

Poverty, Homelessness Rising Sharply Among Florida's Students

By Mc Nelly Torres

Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

Since the economy collapsed in 2008, Florida's student population ha become poorer each year with almost all school districts in the state experiencing spikes in the number of kids who qualify for subsidized meals.

Children have become homeless at alarming numbers as well.

Genesis target audience for financial education is Youth, Women, and Seniors.  

  • Greater levels of savings
  • Increased use of bank accounts
  • Improved credit 

Outcomes from financial education;

Statistics show that around the country individuals  lack adequate knowledge to make informed financial decisions.  Our financial education helps individuals gain financial knowledge and that financial knowledge is linked to financial behavior.  

"Using a national survey of students who completed the high school personal finance curriculum supplied by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that in short-run. self reported financial behavior improved immediately after exposure to the curriculum.  

They conducted a 3 month follow-up survey and found that over half of the respondents reported that they had made changes in their spending and savings habits.  Students were more apt to comparison shop, set money aside for the future, and repay debts on time.  The researchers also found that the students felt that they knew more about the cost of buying on credit and believed that the way they managed their money would affect their future"...

The Impact of Financial Literacy Education on Subsequent Financial Behavior

Lewis Mandell and Linda Schmid Klien