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I wish I'd known years ago what I know now.  Ever since I've joined your program that's what I keep thinking.  For so many years I thought I'd never get out from under my credit cards.  Luckily, my daughter told me about your program and what it had done for her, so I decided to try it for myself.  I am so glad I did.  I love watching m balances go down every month and knowing that soon I'll be debt free for the first time in years.

Thank you

L Kip.

Debt Management Plans help reduce outstanding, unsecured debts at reduced interest levels over a fixed period of time to help you regain control of your finances.  Debt Management Plans are individually tailored based on what you can realistically afford on a monthly basis.  If you're seeking credit card relief, the debt management program can help.

Debt Management Plans

​​​A debt management plan is a voluntary agreement between a debtor and creditors that works to eliminate outstanding, unsecured debts over a shorter fixed period of time.  Unsecured debt would include credit cards, department store cards, hospital bills/Medical bills, Collection accounts, and Personal Finance Loans.  Debt Management Plans are individually tailored through a budget analysis to determine what can be realistically afforded on a monthly basis.  

Who is Eligible?

Typically DMP candidates have:

  • 2k or more in unsecured debt....credit cards, department store cards, hospital or medical bills, personal loans, etc.  ​
  • ​Being overextended or delinquent on payments.  Do you only make minimum payments?  Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul or paying one credit card with another?​  Are you one emergency away from falling behind on payments?

Program Benefits

Reduce Monthly payments
The less money you pay toward debt the more you have for you and your family.

​Lower Interest Rates
On our program you will be paying less overall interest on your debt which means you payback less overall money.

Shorter Payoff time
Simply...paying back less interest and money gets you out of debt faster.

One payment for all of your debt
A consolidated payment allows you to manage one fixed payment versus multiple variable payments over the course of the month.​​​


Over-limit and late-fees stopped
Creditors will re-age your accounts to show you are paying on time.   

​No more collections calls
Your credits will contact us as your program manager for payment information and updates after your third consecutive payment.  Your peace of mind is our primary goal.

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